Classroom Expectations and Student Responsibilities

Classroom Expectations

Class Entry: Students will line up outside the assigned entry door when the bell rings.  Mrs. Petrella or another teacher will greet the students at the door.  As they enter they will put away their personal belongings and begin the Bell Work.  Students not at their desk will lose an “I Win, You Win,” ticket, and possibly lose PRIDE points.

Bell Work: When students enter they will see a small assignment on the chalk board.  Students are to complete the bell work assignment in their bell work notebooks.  Each Friday, they will hand in their books to the green basket on my desk.  Once Bell Work is done, they are to make sure they have books selected from the class library for independent reading.

Washroom Policy:
  Students will be permitted to use the washroom at anytime as long as a teacher or another student is not speaking to the class. Students ask the teacher for permission to go the washroom and use the washroom sign out clipboard. Only one boy and one girl may be at the washroom at the same time.

Independent Reading: During this time students read a piece of literature of their choice. Students are permitted to read around the room.  They are not to visit the classroom library and should have books in their desks already.  Students should have one novel at all times and 1-2 other books in their desk for fun reading (jokes, picture books, sports, records, etc). Independent reading will be recorded in their Reading Log duotang, and checked by Mrs. Petrella regularly.

Phys-Ed:  Students must running shoes.  Students without running shoes will not be able to participate.  Normal safety rules will apply in the gym and if students are not able to follow the procedures they will be asked to sit out for a certain period of time.

At the end of the day students fill their homework folder with what has been assigned as homework and place the folder.  Students then complete their classroom jobs, clear their desks, and stack their chairs.  If student jobs are done or no one has a job they are to stand at their desks with all of their belongings ready to go. They put their homework folder and are allowed to leave when Mrs. Petrella permits, after the bell.

I Win, You Win: Each student in the class will have an “I Win, You Win,” game board.  Tickets are handed out by Mrs. Petrella for a wide variety of actions. There are many ways to earn tickets (working productively, helping another student in need, being quiet in line, etc). Every few days, we will use the tickets to draw from the number lottery and students will fill in their game sheet using strategic skill. When the game sheet is full, students redeem them for various prizes and privileges in class (ie. sitting beside a friend for one period, lead warm-up in gym class, toys, fun school supplies, games, etc).

Consequences:  When students make the choice to exhibit inappropriate behaviour there will be consequences attached.  Various behaviours have different consequences.  While in class there are minor behaviours that will result in consequences.  Examples of these behaviours are: calling out while someone is speaking, being off task, missing homework, wandering around the classroom without permission.

When these occur this system will be enforced:

Incident #1 - verbal warning

Incident #2 - student's name on chalk board

Incident #3
- check mark beside student's name = 5 minutes of student's recess will be spent with Mrs. Petrella discussing the incident.

Incident #4
- two check marks beside student's name = one full recess will be spent indoors.  Students will complete a behaviour reflection that reflects on the inappropriate behaviour.  When a student is kept inside for three recesses a phonecall home is made.

Incident #5
- student is sent to the office and a phone call home is made.

Given the fact that we are all working towards a peaceful and positive classroom, I expect that no student reaches "Incident #4."

Majorly inappropriate behaviours will result in immediate consequences.  These infractions, such as swearing, fighting, bullying and so on will be dealt with on a case by case basis.


Personal Electronic Devices

The Grand Erie Distric School Board has a policy of no electronics in the classroom.  Please take the time to talk to your child about bringing electronics (ie. cellphone, iPod, etc.) to school and the appropriate time to use them.  I understand that you may choose to have your child carry a cellphone to school for safety reasons but they should be powered off during class time and kept in their bags, NOT at their desks or in their pockets.  Please also be aware that the school is not responsible for lost or missing personal electronics, as our policy clearly states that students are not to be bringing them to school. 
If your child has a cellphone or other electronic out in class I will give them one warning before I take them until the end of the day.